There are a number of different players when it comes to storage companies. Choosing which one to go with can be a difficult task. Many offer packages that seem very similar in price. How do you know which one is going to be the best? How do you know that your goods are safe?

It is, after all, relatively simple for anyone to rent out space for storage. An alternative that not many people consider is using removal companies for storage. It’s surprising that more of us don’t think about it because the industries do go hand in hand.

Who better to store personal belongings than the person who moves them for you in the first place? In this post, we will look at why you should consider hiring removal firms for furniture storage.


Removal and Storage Cost

Want the best deal on both removal and storage? Have both done through the same company. They’ll be more willing and able to cut you a deal if you get them to handle both. Would this be cheaper than a dedicated storage company?

Yes, it very well might be. The moving company doesn’t have to people wanting to come in whenever they like. They can, therefore, store items in a dedicated warehouse, with less staff. They can keep their overheads down because they don’t have to focus solely on the storage aspect.

Easy Pick Up and Delivery

So, you want to store your gran’s beautiful Welsh dresser. The problem is that it weighs a lot. How are you going to get it to the unit and back again? With self-storage, you have to ensure that the items are all transported to the facility and packed.

removals company will do this all for you. They have the manpower and expertise to get it done quickly and properly.

Packing Services

The next thing to think about is how everything is going to get packed. Removal companies often have a professional packing service that you can use. Even if you decide to pack everything yourself, you will be able to buy the boxes, etc. from them at a reasonable rate.

Not Sure How Long it Will be Needed for?

Self-storage is a good option for you if you want to be able to access your items at any time. It is a service they offer that they do charge for. But what if you don’t need to access the items? What if you don’t know how long you are going to need to store everything for?

A downside with self-storage is that you might be required to take out a longer-term contract. Cancelling that contract usually means giving notice, etc.

With a moving company, you can decide the term yourself. They will allow you to store items for days or months. They are not going to push you into a long-term commitment.


Hiring a removal company to store your items makes sense. You get to save money on costs and can opt to have your items professionally moved as well. It’s an option that makes a great deal of sense.

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