Self-storage units can be useful when moving out or when you’ve run out of space due to accumulating more possessions. However, you might be wondering what things can go in the unit and what things should stay out.

Here, we outline some items that are safe to store in a storage facility and some that are not.

What You Should Put In Storage

1. Holiday decorations

Holiday items, such as Easter eggs and Christmas wreaths, can take up much space in your home. By putting them in a self-storage facility, you create more space and get rid of the unsightly stuff.

2. Memorabilia

You don’t have to throw away items that remind you of special moments just because you don’t have enough storage space. With storage unit, you’ll get this unutilized stuff out of sight, but you’ll still have them in your possession.

3. Broken items

You may want to hold onto your broken household appliances, electronics, or tools as you wait to fix them at a later date. In that case, you can consider putting them in storage and pick them up when you are ready to get them fixed.

4. Baby items

Your kids are all grown up, so you don’t need to have their stuff around the house. With a storage unit, you get the opportunity to hold on these items in case you or a friend has another child. This will free up your nursery for other uses, like a game room.

What You Shouldn’t Put In Storage

1. Valuable Items

It is advisable not to put valuable items in a storage unit for security reasons. While storage units are generally safe, anything can happen, so it’s safer to hold on to them and be personally responsible for them to avoid any mishaps.

2. Outdoor furniture

It’s not a good idea to put outdoor furniture in storage as it could be infested with pests that may spread to your other belongings. If you must put your old outdoor furniture in storage, be sure it’s free from any infestations.

3. Live animals

This sounds crazy, but some people put live pets in their storage facility. Leaving a live animal, like a pet, in a self-storage facility is unlawful. If you are moving and you can’t take your pets with you, you should leave them with a responsible family member or friend.

4. Perishable and malleable items

Anything that might break or go bad in a storage unit doesn’t belong there. Items are usually kept in storage for long periods of time. That means perishables like food or drinks certainly can’t be put in storage. Likewise, the challenges of organising storage space can put pressure on easily breakable items such as vinyl records. So keep such items out of storage.


Just because you can put something in a storage unit doesn’t mean you should. Ask any reputable moving company like Removals For You and they’ll tell you that you can’t put some things like food, plants, and valuable items in your storage unit. However, for items like mementoes and holiday decorations, storage units are a perfect way to hang on to items you need and free up more space in your home. To know more about our storage services, click here.