Moving can be an incredibly stressful and tiring experience. Let’s take a look at essential tools you must have for easier moving house.  

Small Tools 

Small tools are typically the ones that you can hold in one hand. These lifesavers can reduce the cost, time, and effort of moving.  

Packing Tape 

The chances are that the bulk of the content that you will be moving will be placed inside boxes. High-quality packing tape will ensure that your positions will be securely contained in these boxes without them tearing or falling out during the move.    

Ziploc Bags 

There are literally hundreds of items that may be uncategorized or that you may need during the move. Ziploc bags that you can see through are excellent for things like watches, batteries, and keys. The fact that you can look through these bags will also help you access your belonging quicker.   


Whether it is product packaging, tape, cable ties, or boxes, you will definitely need a pair of high-quality scissors. If you can, try to get hold of heavy-duty scissors that won’t break easily.  

Ropes and Moving Straps 

Loading your belongings onto a vehicle may require some secure fastening. Moving straps and ropes are worth their weight in gold when it comes to carrying, loading, and fastening heavy or valuable items during your move. Make sure that you only use high-quality ropes and straps as a rope that snaps can lead to damages. You can also use ropes and straps to secure your belongings to a dolly, which is helpful when you have to move heavy objects across areas that are not suitable for vehicles or trucks.   

Huge Tools 

Huge tools for moving house may be costly, but they can definitely save you some time and effort. You may also be able to use some of these tools around your home in the future. 

Utility Dolly 

Want to haul your microwave, TV, and bookshelf in one trip over a long walking distance? A utility dolly will allow you to do this with almost no effort. Not only are these strong tools able to carry incredibly heavy loads, but they will also help you wheel your heavy belongings from one place to the next without the risk of injury.   

Another great thing is that it also makes it easier to get heavy appliances up against a flight of stairs, especially if you are two people that operate the utility dolly. When buying or renting the utility dolly, make sure that you also get some ropes or straps to fasten objects securely. 

Moving Blankets 

Moving blankets are essential to protect your furniture’s sharp edges. It also ensures that your furniture doesn’t get soiled during the moving process. Moving blankets can consist of heavy-duty materials, sheets, or a combination of both. Moving blankets made from watertight materials are also essential if it is raining 


A stair roller can be incredibly helpful if you have large quantities of furniture or appliances that have to be moved upstairs. 

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