Moving into a new home is quite stressful, and with kids, it can sometimes seem impossible. Change can be scary and distressing for small children. But what can you do to ensure things are more comfortable on your child during a move? 

Follow these tips to make a home move with kids smoother and less stressful. 

1. Buy Your Toddler’s Consent For Moving

While it’s not generally advisable to bribe your child into doing something, moving house is a special occasion and there’s no harm in treating it differently. Moreover, toddlers can be irritatingly stubborn during house removals.  

A new toy can make a whole difference. There are two ways to approach this situation: 

  • You can buy the toy before the move 
  • You can promise it to him after the move 

The approach you choose will depend on your child. The new toy is not meant to distract him, but to make him have a positive feeling about the move.  

2. Stock Up on Toddler-friendly Food for After the Move

During home removals, people typically rely on pre-cooked food and takeaways for some days until everything is set up in their new home. This may not work for a home move with kids. You can’t feed your toddler with fast foods.

Until everything is completely arranged in the kitchen, you should have a selection of toddler-friendly and easy-to-cook food, such as frozen vegetables, dried fruits, fruit pouches, and various mashes.  

3. Allow The Child to Participate In The Moving Process

A toddler can’t really provide useful labour, but having them help can boost their confidence. Showing them that their skills and opinion are needed will increase their chances of accepting the relocation as something positive. They would probably love to pack their own stuff.  

4. Pack Children’s Toys Last on to the Moving Truck

If you are using a moving company, be sure that they put your kid’s toy boxes on last. You want the toys to be first off the truck at your new home.  

5. Don’t Change Your Toddler’s Routines

Toddlers don’t completely understand the difference between time periods, such as week and a day. So simply let them know the family is moving soon and they won’t be left behind. Infants normally aren’t affected much when virtually everything remains normal, so they should cope with the move just fine as long as you don’t change their routines too much. 


Moving is never easy. To small children, their home and the surrounding environment is the only world they know, so you need to be careful when relocating with a toddler. Packing your stuff is quite stressful, but when a child is involved, it can be incedibly overwhelming.  

It is important to make a thorough plan ahead of time and figure out how to accomplish the moving process in a way that will be easier on your young one. The above 5 tips will come in handy. You can also seek advice from Moving Company like Removals For You, a leading home removals service provider in the Selby area. 

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– Reference Video: WhatsUpMoms