Excited over shifting to a new home? Wondering how wills the new neighbourhood be? Experiencing mixed emotions – the joy of going to a new home and the sadness of leaving behind your old life? Well, it’s pretty natural, but be ready to add another emotion to this mix and that is stress. Ask any homeowner who has shifted their home at least once and they will agree that moving the home was one of the most stressful events of their life. There are a number of common worries attached to moving that need to be addressed.  For a stress free moving from the house, the key is preparing beforehand. The more detailed planning you do, easier and hassle free will your moving be. Remember, moving your belongings from one home to another will take time. So, do not try to rush into it as you will end up creating a mess.  Here are few life hack tips for a stress free moving of house – 

  • When you pack your things, categorize them into essential and non-essential items. Pack your tea bags, mugs, tea kettle and other important items in a box and mark it as essential. This will ensure that you do not have to unpack all your boxes in search of these essential things. Everything is present in a single box. 
  • Try to take time off during the duration of shifting. Get enough sleep and eat well to keep up your energy levels. Remember lack of sleep or food will cause irritation and add to the stress.  
  • While packing take small breaks and simply sit or lie down in the corner for few minutes. Remember, when you are relaxed, you are able to think clearly and properly and make quick decisions. 
  • If you have children, the stress of packing and moving doubles up. Try to shift your children with your parents or friends while you are busy clearing your home. If it is not possible, try to involve the kids into the packing process and engage them with tasks. 
  • In case you feel you are losing control of the packing situation, ask for help. Seeking support is the best way to manage things and keep them in order. You can hire a removal company in your area to make the shift easy and quick. Packers and movers are experienced professionals and take the complete stress of moving house away.  
  • Make a budget of the expenditure involved in the moving process. Right from payment of bills to cost of a moving van, estimate different costs involved. You need to budget beforehand to avoid any hasty surprises. 
  • Sell out things that you do not need. Unnecessarily packing and carrying things that you may not need will increase costs. Sell or donate items you do not need. 
  • Give yourself time to prepare for the move. If you do things in a rush, you will exhaust yourself and feel stressed. Do not try to fix too many things in a short duration of time. Keep some extra time in hand for unexpected situations. 

Above life hacks will definitely help to make your transition into a new home stress-free and easy.  – Reference Video: Boom Online