When you’re relocating overseas, one of the biggest headaches is organising your possessions. Of course, you want your furniture and other belongings to arrive at the destination country in one piece. But how do you ensure this happens? 

There are a few simple tips you can follow to ensure a successful and stress-free international move.  

1. Give Yourself Enough Time

Time is an integral element in planning an overseas move. Virtually every aspect of overseas removal will benefit from meticulous planning and plenty of time. Try to avoid being caught up in the last-minute rush. Otherwise, you will complicate the process and stress yourself even more. There are many things to put in order, such as visas, work permits, and pet passports. Some of these things can take a long time to process, and you’ll be in for a lot of headaches if you don’t give yourself more than enough time.  

2. Choose the Right Removals Company

It is advisable to compare the costs and services from at least three moving companies. By doing this, you’ll be able to find a mover that fits your needs the best. Don’t forget to get an estimate of the delivery time frame same with asking what you should expect in the case of a delay.  

Also, be sure there are no hidden charges, and always get everything in writing. You don’t want any last-minute disappointments. You can consult Removals For You on anything regarding removals for an international move.  

3. Sell Any Unwanted Possessions

Another important thing when planning removals for an overseas move is to get rid of any unwanted belongings. It’s advisable to take half the items and double the cash you think you will need. If you are moving to a warm country, for example, you can get rid of those old winter clothes.  

By selling unwanted stuff, you’ll not only reduce clutter and create more space, but you will also get some extra money to make your international move easier.  

4. Packing

You might be tempted to pack everything yourself to minimise moving costs. However, if you are using a moving company, it is advisable to leave the packing to them. Professional movers are expert in packing household items safely for an overseas move, and they usually don’t accept liability for the damage to items they didn’t pack themselves. However, it’s important to pack whatever you need for at least the first two weeks separately so you can carry it with you.  

5. Insurance

When it comes to house removals for an international move, a lot can go wrong. Your possessions can be damaged or lost due to poor handling by officials in customs or a storm at sea. Consider getting a moving company that offers an insurance package that meets your needs and budget. Alternatively, you can purchase insurance independently.  


Moving into a new home is, in itself, stressful for many people. This feeling can be doubled when planning removals for an overseas move. Try the above tips to help ease the stress associated with moving your belongings abroad.