Moving home is a stressful experience. It can be even more complicated when you are not moving straight into your new home, though. What can you do? You have to be in the new city to work, but you haven’t found a place to live. Or maybe you can’t move in straight away.  

The use of temporary storage might be a cost-effective way to keep your stuff safe until you are ready to move it.  It’s a bit more complicated than just moving directly, but not enough to overwhelm you. In this post, we will look at the steps to take when using temporary storage when moving.  



Start off by doing a thorough clean up. Do you want to move all those issues of National Geographic with you? Every item that you can get rid of is one that neither needs to be transferred or stored. That saves you money so clear out the junk.   

One of the benefits of temporary storage when moving is that you get to keep the things that you want, regardless of the space available to you. Don’t use that as an excuse for not doing a proper clear-out.  

Decide What Has to Go With

There are some household items that you will need to keep with you; things like your microwave, kettle, etc. Work out what you will need while in your temporary accommodation. You don’t have to stick to purely practical items.  

Do take some treasured family photos or trinkets to make your temporary accommodation feel more like a home.  

Are You Going to Pack Everything Yourself?  

Most moving companies offer a packing service as well. This option does cost a bit more, but if you are very busy, it can be helpful. They can pack and unpack for you at the other end. Another advantage is that the company will also bring sturdy boxes with them. 

Decide up front which way to go, because you will need to know when asking for quotes. 

Get a Quote 

Now that you know what’s going where you can get a quote, this is going to consist of four parts:  

  • The cost of moving the items that you have to take with you. 
  • An idea of how much it will cost to move the rest to the storage facility.  
  • The cost of the storage itself.   
  • An idea of how much it will cost to move the stuff out of storage and to your new home.  

These are standard moving house tips  to help you save money. Do shop around for the best quote. 

Prepare for the Move 

Get yourself ready for your moving house temporary storage situation by separating the items that are going to have to go with you.  If you are packing yourself, give yourself time to do so and itemise the contents of each box.  

When moving day finally arrives, you should be ready. If you are going to need to access items while they are in storage, it is a good idea to go with the moving company to ensure that they pack the storage for easy access. Removals For You is happy to store your valuables in a safe keep and help you with your moving. Contact us and we will get you started. 

Once you find your new home, you simply arrange for them to fetch your goods again.  

– Reference Video: Louis Massaro