Removals for You operate a fully equipped and monitored storage warehouse, with units available to meet all your storage requirements. 

Operating throughout Tadcaster and the wider Yorkshire area Removals for You are known for providing a first-class service as well as a storage facility you can feel confident in. 

With Removals for You, your goods are in safe hands as we pride ourselves in always putting our customers first.  We work with you to find the right storage space, for the right amount of time, all at the right price. 

With a range of unit sizes, flexible terms as well as our storage space being well equipped, clean, safe, fully monitored and secure, Removals for You certainly offers something for everyone. 

From furniture to business equipment, we can and have looked after it all!


Whether you’re moving home and looking to store your possessions while in transit or you’re a business looking for extra space and storage facilities – Removals for You has storage space suitable for everyone. 

We offer a range of different size storage units available to hire, all with weekly and monthly payment terms available. 

Let us know your list of storage items along with sizes (even estimates where possible), and we’ll provide a range of self-storage options for you to choose from.


As a nation, we’re all secret hoarders at heart.  It’s in our nature to try to keep and retain things that sometimes hold sentimental value or things that we “never know when we might need them again.” 

We keep items that we want to pass down to family members, or as businesses grow we want to keep archived stock but start to run out of places to store such items – the clutter can become all too much… 

In walks self-storage units. 

Used for many reasons you’d be surprised at just why people are turning to self-storage services.  

Self-storage can offer you:

  • a cost-effective solution when compared to alternative options. 
  • the option to keep your home clutter free, while retaining your most dearly loved possessions. 
  • the space you need while carrying out major renovation work and it can also protect your possessions from any damage too. 
  • a solution to a housing problem!  For example, you’re moving home and must be out before your new house is ready.   
  • a short-term solution if you are a student who must move out of residence for the summer period and your parents are a little bit unwilling to house all your furniture for three months!   
  • the opportunity to store some of your valuable tools and equipment somewhere safer than the back of your van.  

Ultimately self-storage is all about making your life easier.  At Removals for You, we’re completely flexible in our offer, as well as being a friendly and reliable team to work with.

All our customers throughout Tadcaster and Yorkshire promote our excellent customer service, attention to detail and cost-effective storage solutions. We’d love to hear from you. 


There’s a lot to consider. 

You need, and want, to make sure that everything, and we mean everything, goes swimmingly, during the packing process as well as the moving and storing process. 

To help, we’ve provided our five key points to get you started. 

  1. Write down just what it is you’re thinking of putting into storage.  What needs to go as well as what you would like to go.  Also, make a note of estimated dimensions, how many boxes, and roughly how long you’re likely to need the storage unit for. 
  2. Speak to a member of the Removals for You team, gain further information, have your questions answered as well as being provided with a quote for the cost of the unit, over the period specified. 
  3. Book your storage space with us in plenty of time – ideally 7-10 days before the unit is needed. 
  4. Make sure you have the right packing material for your goods, as well as all the packing material you need – we’re all about avoiding those dints and scratches while goods are in transit. 
  5. Make sure to have spare dust sheets or protective covers for your storage unit, either to place on the floor or to cover the goods once placed inside.  Depending on what you’re storing and how you’re storing it, will depend on what you need. 

Finally, and once everything is contained within your unit, make sure that it is locked and secured to your satisfaction, if you need additional locks or security, then please let us know, as we’re always on hand to help. 


More businesses are now beginning to see the benefits of using a self-storage service, from helping to provide a solution to store excess stock, bulky equipment, additional and possibly one-off promotional materials, or even archived documents and IT equipment or specialist tools – self-storage can help meet a range of needs. 

At Removals for You, we provide a first-class service to our business customers in Tadcaster and throughout Yorkshire.  When it comes to self-storage, we’re competitively priced and flexible on our terms. 

So, if you are looking for extra space, call Removals for You now to see how we can help provide you with that much needed extra space! 


How do I pay for my Storage?
We quote a weekly storage price per unit. Once your unit is loaded and placed into secured storage, the total storage cost is calculated into even monthly amounts. This amount can be paid via card, standing order or BACS.
Can I access my goods in store?
Self Storage allows you to have access to your goods 8am -6pm but we have units that have 24 hour access. We can offer self-storage units at various sizes if access to your goods is important to you
Are my goods insured?

Yes, your goods will be covered by insurance during your removal.. During your removal, your goods will be insured up to £50,000 per van and during storage you can purchase insurance for 50p per week per £1000 insured.

What items are we not allowed to move or store?
Generally any flammable liquids or gases cannot be submitted for removal. Paint and oil cannot be transported either due to the high risk of damage to your goods should they leak. The same rules apply for storage with the addition of foodstuffs. There are other items that cannot be stored or moved, like firearms, ammunition and drugs. For a full and detailed list of exclusions, request and read the terms and conditions.
How much notice do you require?
Household Removals and storage are usually booked between 7-14 days before the expected move takes place. Please always try to give as much notice as possible.