Relocation can be a major project! The excitement of moving to a new place is sometimes outdone by the hard work involved in the process. Whether you are moving your home or office, the process can be really time consuming. Moving your business premises is quite different in comparison to moving your home. It can become a logistical nightmare if not planned properly. Due to the headaches involved, it is not surprising to see businesses delay relocating their premises as much as possible. The time can be really stressful for those responsible for managing the relocation.  

Here are few things that you need to consider while planning office relocation – 

  • The cost of relocation can escalate up very quickly. So, it is important to set up a budget beforehand. Make a list of expenses that will be involved. Right from packaging materials to van, make a detailed list of things involved. Detailed planning will reduce the chances of nasty surprises and hidden costs. Measure the financial impact of your move. 
  • Don’t rush into relocation immediately. Take time to effectively manage the task. Right from finding a property to completing the leasing terms, there are several things to manage along with your regular business activities. Make sure your business will be able to cope up with the logistical and financial pressure involved in the relocation. 
  • Start informing your suppliers, customers, distributors and anyone else associated with your business. Give them the new address and contact details and make sure they are noted down. You surely do not want to miss out on your important mails that get delivered to your old address after you have moved. 
  • It is always wise to hire professional moving company and packers to ease out the entire shifting process. Many people consider movers as an added expense, but this is surely not the case. Being professionals, packers and movers know the ins and outs of moving. They will not only save you the efforts but also the time and work involved in the relocation. Shop around for movers and take quotes from 2 to 3 companies. Compare their services, price and reputation before making a decision. Your aim should be to make the move swift, safe and on time. 
  • Support is most important when it comes to relocation. If you have a solid support system, the relocation process can turn out to be quick and hassle free. Don’t hesitate in asking for support. Ask your employees to assist with relocation related tasks like packing the stationery and more. Don’t try to do it all alone. 
  • Before you plan office move, analyse the new location for the space available. This will help you decide which things you need to carry along and things that you need to leave behind. Moving all the furniture and belonging without checking the space in the new office can be troublesome. It will be really difficult to setup the new office with all the extra furniture and things present. 

Leaving things to chance is a big mistake when you are relocating your office. Consider it as a project and plan in detail. Ensure that you do not lose out on your business as your customers are unable to find your premises.