North Duffield, make your move with Removals for You 

Moving home can be a demanding time for everyone involved, but with Removals for You, it doesn’t have to be.   

If you’re planning on moving home and you’re looking for a removal company in North Duffield, then look no further than the most positively talked about removals company in North Yorkshire, Removals for You. 

Our mission is to ensure your move is as seamless as possible, and our professional, fully qualified and dedicated team will be on hand every step of the way to help you in this process. 

For more information on removals in North Duffield call 01757 700602 today. 

Professional removals in North Duffield

Our expert team work from our offices in North Duffield but we operate throughout North Yorkshire and beyond! 

Area’s covered include Hemingbrough, Cliffe, Osgodby, Barlby, North Duffield, Thorpe Willoughby, Hambleton, Monk Fryston, Sherburn in Elmet and Tadcaster. 

If your town or village isn’t on the list, don’t worry, give us a call and see if we can help you. 

Other Services

To support our removals service, we also offer all our customers: 

we’re completely down with the digital era!  We also understand that coming to your home for a site visit isn’t always convenient, so we’ve tapped into technology, and you can now book a video survey with us!  Show us around your home as well as what is designated for moving, and we will provide you with an accurate quote, quickly and easily, all by just using your smartphone!  Call 01757 700602 to find out more.

 We offer safe, well-equipped and fully monitored warehouses for all our customers looking to store your possessions for a certain period. From antique furniture to top spec IT business equipment, we’ve securely stored and looked after it all.  Get the peace of mind you deserve and place your property in safe hands with Removals for You. 

Need to remove waste from your property or simply looking to declutter your home?  Our professional and skilled team are on hand to help.  Providing a wide range of services tailored to meet your needs, we offer property clearances throughout North Duffield and the wider Yorkshire area.  

Contact our clearance team today to see how they can help you!

Quick steps to moving with Removals for You 

Call us for a free, no-obligation quote, at a time and date that suits you (we won't be beaten on price).


As soon as you have confirmation of your moving date, let us know and book the time slot that fits best with you.


Make sure parking is available on the day it would be great if we can get as close the property as possible.

The team at Removals for You are always on hand to answer any questions or queries you have, right up until moving day! 

Call us on 01757 700602; we’d love to hear from you. 

Moving home

Every house move is different because every person and family and business is different.  We understand this, and because of this, we offer a tailored bespoke removals service just for you. 

To help cover some of the things you need to think about when moving home, we’ve pulled together some top tips to take into consideration: – 

  • Don’t hesitate to call Removals for You as soon as you know your confirmed moving date.
  • Think about the packing materials and wrap you will need to start packing your possessions up.
  • Contact any of your broadband and energy suppliers to let them know that you are moving.
  • Let your family and friends know your new details as soon as possible.
  • Let your banks, insurance companies, schools, doctors, etc. know of your new address and speak to Royal Mail about the possibility of redirecting your post.
  • Book any childcare or pet sitting that might be needed for the big move day.
  • Collect all your house keys, even the spares, and keep them all together ready to hand back into the appropriate people.
  • Carry out any last-minute checks and remember to check things like your dishwasher and washing machines etc.

Call Removals for You on 01757 700602 to see how we can help you today! 

Looking for a removals company in North Duffield? 

Then look no further than Removals for You. 

We are: 

  • Trustworthy, honest and efficient.  We’re a family run business who put our customers at the heart of everything we do.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable.  We’ve been working in and throughout North Duffield for xx years; there is no job too big or too small, or too simple or complex for us to deal with.
  • Renowned when it comes to providing a personal touch.  With Removals for You, there is no middleman, andalways go the extra mile making your move is as stress-free as possible. 
  • Hard working and dedicated to creating bespoke house and business moves, tailored to suit you – our customers.

For a customised service, exceeding expectations when it comes to providing top quality customer service, call Removals for You now and see how we can help. 



    Frequently asked questions

    What size of van will I get?
    The size of the van is decided by our staff based on a survey of your home. It is our responsibility to get this right. Always use a company with experience and a good reputation to ensure that they will. If a survey has not been carried out, we will use the information that you have provided us with to calculate the size of van required. As long as you have been honest then it will still be our responsibility to get it right.
    Can I move at the Weekend?
    We are able to carry out your removal at any time that is convenient to you.
    How many men will do my removal?
    The size of the removal crew is decided by our staff based on the information we have and is usually between two and four men. The decision depends on the amount of goods to move and the overall schedule for your move. We will be responsible for allocating enough staff for your move.
    How long will my removal take?

    There are several factors that affect the time it takes to complete a removal. The obvious ones are the amount of goods and the distance they are moving. Some may be less obvious but are just as important. Simple things like having to park ten feet further from your house due to parked cars can severely change the time it takes to load or unload. Try to inform us of anything that may happen or be different on the day of your removal, even if it does not seem that important.

    What size are removal boxes?
    Most removal companies use a variety of boxes however there are two main types, a book box and a general-purpose box. A general-purpose box is often referred to as a Pack 2 or a tea chest box and is 18″ x 18″ x 18″. The book box is smaller to restrict its weight and is suitable for heavier items not just books. It is also known as a Pack 6 and is 18″ x 12″ x 12″.
    Packing boxes & boxes for moving, do you provide them?
    We stock boxes for moving house at our offices and we often include moving boxes in the price of our removals. Of course, you can buy house moving boxes from us. Our boxes for moving are strong and made from good quality materials – why not contact us and ask for our moving house boxes prices?
    What do removal costs include?
    Removal prices are tailored to your needs. Our basic service supplies you with a removal van with crew and includes travelling, but you may choose extra services such as packing and storage too.
    How do I pay for my removal?
    Once you have accepted our Quote, we require full payment on completion of your removal. This can be paid via debit or credit card and BACS or cash.
    What time will the van arrive?
    Generally our staff start work between six and eight o’clock in the morning. We aim to be at your address between 8:30am and 9:00am in the morning. If you are moving long distance, we will liaise with you and give you an estimated time of arrival. Sometimes, for many reasons we can be delayed however we will always arrive.
    How much will my removal cost?
    There are many factors that are taken into consideration when calculating the price, distance, size of vehicle, access and packing are just some of the obvious ones. Always try to get your property viewed to avoid any doubts, getting a quote over the phone does work but is not as reliable as a survey. We only give quotations, not estimates. Try to avoid being given estimates by other companies as their final bill may be larger than you expected
    Do you dismantle and reassemble my furniture?
    Unless this was agreed in the quote, all items needing dismantled are expected to be done and ready to move before we arrive. If agreed in the quote, our staff will carry out the dismantling and reassembly as agreed. It is essential that you say what is required at the quotation stage to allow for the necessary time and equipment to be provided.
    Do I have to empty my drawers?
    As long as there are no heavy or breakable items left in drawers then it is usually ok to leave them full. Some types of furniture like self assembly units don’t travel well and it is advised that you empty these completely. As long as the furniture itself is sturdy then items like clothing and bedding can and should be left in.
    Can I do my own packing?
    Yes is the simple answer. If you do your own packing, use boxes that are a suitable size and strength. Make sure you seal all your boxes as well, open top boxes like banana boxes make it impossible to safely stack your goods in the van. Always find out how packing your own boxes affects your insurance, most companies will only recognise damages if the box has been dropped or crushed. If you are unsure or struggling to get suitable boxes, we can supply you with what you need.
    How much notice do you require?
    Before your expected move takes place, you would usually book between 1 and 2 weeks before. We ask that you give us as much notice as possible.