Removals for You 

A family business is working with customers in Hull for many years, we provide house clearance services to support you. 

  • Would you like us to remove and clear away your old furniture or rubbish? 
  • Would you like us to help you in decluttering your home?  Freeing up space and helping you to remove those big, bulky items you no longer want or need?
  • Have you inherited property and would like it cleared by professionals, whom you trust 100% and who will get on with the job at hand?

Removals for You in Hull are at your service to help with all of the above and so much more. 

True professionals in what we do, we take away the stress and the overwhelming feeling of “where to start” and we help you to achieve your house clearance goals. 

Working with our customers 

House clearances can sometimes have a myth about them, that they’re expensive, carried out with people with no emotion, just there to get rid of the rubbish and get the job done. 

We’re here to assure you that with Removals for You this is certainly not the case. 

We offer some of the most competitive house clearance prices around, we don’t over complicate the process, and we match this with our reliable and friendly service. 

We’re also human.  We know how hard it can be to enter a property that may have sentimental value to you, and we know that not everyone can take time off work to carry out such tasks – that’s why we’ll talk through everything with you, we can collect the keys from you, and follow your instructions to a T.  

Call the professionals at Removals for You to find out more.

Types of property clearance 

We can provide a house clearance service which can involve removing old or broken furniture from your home, removal of waste and rubbish and even help with decluttering. 

We’re also equipped to deal with the removal of antique furniture, office furniture, and IT equipment.  Disposing of all items appropriately and legally! 

We also carry out the garden and shed clearances too – taking away broken garden furniture or lawnmowers and general waste. 

Ultimately, after talking through your initial requirements, our team will come to the property fully-equipped with everything we need to ensure the best possible job. 

From the right tools to the right packing materials and removal bags you can trust us to clear out the waste quickly, disposing and storing what we need to, safely. 

If storage is also something you’re considering, then check out our storage pages or contact our team for further information.


From shed clearances and garden clearances to removing broken an antique furniture, we do it all. Our team will come to your property fully-equipped with all the tools and packing supplies needed. You can rely on us to clear out the waste quickly and dispose of them safely.

If you’re looking for somewhere to store some antique furniture, then why not choose our warehouse in Selby, Yorkshire?

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Tips for the best house clearance 

 Knowing where to start regarding clearing out a house can be a bit of a minefield, and it doesn’t take long to start and feel a little overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. 

Below we’ve pulled together some of our useful hints and tips that we’ve picked up over the years! 

1. Getting organised is easier than you think!  It might seem like an organised disaster when you first start looking at clearing out some of the rubbish, but we have a couple of simple techniques that help turn that disorganisation into an organised dream: 

  1. Post-it notes are a lifesaver.  These simple sticky pads can be used to make a note of things that are to move to another location, mark up if they are rubbish, or simply put a question mark over to come back to later.  Going around and labelling things like this starts to get you to think about what needs to stay and what needs to go. Which leads us onto, 
  2. Colour coding.  Using colour post-it is great!  For example, everything with a red sticker is to stay as it is, everything with a green sticker is to go, and everything with an orange sticker is still items which you’re thinking about.  Not only does this help us, but you can also relax knowing that you have a great system in place that is really simple but extremely effective. 

2. From this, you can then tell us in more detail just what the job involves.  Now that know roughly what is going and what is staying etc., we’ll work together with you to understand the types of things to be removed and how these need to be removed, what size vehicle do we need, etc. 

3. How much actually need clearing?  Again, it would be great for us to know how many bags of rubbish for example, or how many pieces and types of furniture.  Do you need any items putting into storage or moving to another location? We want to know as much as possible to not only give you an accurate quote but to also make sure we get everything 100% right! 

Providing complete peace of mind and taking away the hassle and the stress is what we aim to achieve. 

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We offer a range of services; all provided with exceptional customer service.

House Clearances

offering both full and part house clearances we make sure that what you require is what you get.  From removing old and broken furniture, rubbish and more, our team always come prepared and are always available to answer any questions.

Commercial Clearances

we understand that the clearance of commercial properties can sometimes be a little bit more complicated. That’s why at Removals for You we offer a specialist
service and tailored to your needs. Every business is different, and for us, we treat every clearance as unique. We often work with estate agents and solicitors on these too

Shed Clearances

we’re all notorious for hoarding things in the garden shed!  However, sometimes these things build up and reach a point where clearing them out entirely is the only answer. 

Deceased Estates

our team are true professionals and sensitive to every situation, working with the utmost respect and sincerity in the job in which we’re carrying out. 

Garden Clearances

do you have broken garden furniture that you haven’t got around to removing?  Or maybe your garden is growing wild, and you’re looking for someone to help dispose of the garden refuse?  Call the experts at Removals for You – always on hand to help with any situation.

House Removals

we have the tools and the equipment to ensure the safe removal of any items from one location to another.  With our exceptional customer service on top, you really couldn’t ask for a better team to support you.

Storage Units

If not everything within your home or business is classified as waste, we also offer storage units, with flexible payment terms and fully-maintained, your items couldn’t be in safer hands.

Removals for You Hul

Whether it’s a full house clearance or removing rubbish from your shed, our team can help you with it all. 

We’re a family business, with the ethos to always strive to provide exceptional service for all our customers. 

We’ve supported people in Hull for several years now, working on many different clearances, all different in their requirements and all different in how we approach them. 

We will provide you with a full quote for the work you wish to be carried out, and we will always talk to you about any additional work that needs to be done. 

There are also no middlemen when you work with Removals for You.  The person you talk to during your initial call will remain as your point of contact throughout your clearance work – we believe it is the personal touch that makes us different. 

We operate throughout Hull but also serve customers in Selby, Osgodby, Cliffe, Barlby, Hemingbrough, North Duffield, Thorpe Willoughby, Hambleton, Monk Fryston, Sherburn in Elmet and Tadcaster. 

What’s more, we’re completely flexible; working at times that best suit you.  There’s also not a requirement for you to be at the property when we’re clearing out either. 

Trust us to do the best job possible.  Trust Removals for You with your house clearance. 

Things to spot in a perfect house clearance company 

 Not all house clearance companies are the same, and not everyone offers the high level of customer service or trust that the team at Removals for You do.

Things to consider in a clearance company are: 

  1. Are they local?  We’re all for supporting local businesses, and it benefits you too.  Local companies are often less expensive and more trustworthy. You can pop by their premises to put your mind at rest and ask any questions, checking over any final details. 
  2. Do they have at their disposal the tools to handle the clearance?  Once you know exactly what you’re looking for, you need a company that can then deliver.  For example, are they equipped to remove specialist IT equipment, have the packing materials and handling equipment to be able to remove antique or large furniture etc.? 
  3. How have their past customers rated them?  It’s worthwhile to check out any online reviews of the company you’re thinking of using, independent, as well as testimonials on their website.  Look into how their previous customers have rated them, how they have disposed of waste, what is their environmental policy, etc. 
  4. Are they experienced?  Does the company in question have the knowledge and experience to deal with any clearance?  A team who can handle any situation and any waste removal with ease?  

Customers continue to return to Removals for You because of the service we provide.  We have the expertise, the knowledge, and the credentials to support you, no matter what type of clearance you’re looking for – we’re here to provide the solution!

Benefits of using Removals for You in Hull 

  • We’re cost effective 
  • We take away the hassle and onus from you 
  • We’re reliable and considerate 
  • We’re quick and dispose of everything appropriately 
  • We’re local!  

You have nothing to lose and most certainly everything to gain when you contact Removals for You to help with your house clearance.