Moving on your own can be stressful. Now, think about how that could affect your pet. Pets don’t understand what’s happening and can easily become stressed and depressed due to a sudden change of environment.   The following DO’s and DON’TS from house removals experts will ensure a successful and stress-free move with pets. 


1. Consult your vet

Having your pet checked by a veterinarian is a good way to get their health records and vaccinations in order. You want to be sure that your animal is healthy and ready for the move. Remember to ask if they can recommend any vets in your new neighbourhood.  

2. Keep the pet in a quiet place, away from the action

You don’t want your animal to disrupt your moving process or harm themselves. You should find a quiet and comfortable room where no one will disturb them. This reduces the chances of the animal causing disturbance or being too stressed.  

3. Move the house before moving the animal

During house removals, it’s advisable to set up as much as you can before you introduce your pet to the new environment. Confine them to an area of the new home and allow them to adjust to the environment gradually.   Be sure to give your pet lots of attention. You want them to feel at home.


1. Don’t carry the pet in the back of a removal company’s truck

This is not safe. It would be better if you take the animal to the new home in your own car. While cats and small dogs can be secured in a carrier in the back seat, a bigger dog needs to be moved in a kennel in the back of the vehicle.  

2. Don’t let the animal out until you get to your destination

Once they’re in the car, be sure not to open the kennel or carrier until the pet is in your new home. It doesn’t matter if the animal is usually calm and well-behaved. Pets can easily get lost when they’re let out in a new environment, so give them a few days in the new house to adjust.   Consider investing in an ID tag or microchip. This way, your new neighbours can easily identify your pet and return them to you safely if they go missing.  

3. Don’t change your animal’s routine

You don’t have to change the pet’s routine just because you have moved. Pets, especially dogs, get accustomed to routines. Don’t start changing those routines once you are in your new home. For example, try to maintain the time you’ve been feeding or walking your dog. Otherwise, you may unsettle your pet. 


Pets can be more stressed during house removals than you would. But it doesn’t have to be. You should see how Removal Company does the job while ensuring minimal disturbance and stress for your animal. Besides observing the above DO’s and DON’T’s, it is important to also seek advice from a removal company such as Removals For You to ensure things are easy on your dog or cat.

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